Heat Shrinkable Tubes

We are the authorized dealers for Heat Shrinkable Tubes manufactured by our Chinese and Korean principals.

Our Principals provides all types of Heat Shrinkable Tubes to the Harness Makers in various countries. The products have UL certification, DNV, CSA certification, RQS certification and are laboratory tested.

The material is used by Cable Harnessing Units, Electric Power Companies, Telecommunication, and Industrial Machinery, various Electronics components & Material Industries and Automobile industry.

Types of Heat Shrinkable Tubes:
  • Halogen Free Flame Retardant (Environment Free) Heat Shrinkable Tubes.
  • Non-Flame Retardant Heat Shrinkable Tubes, (Shrink Ratio 2:1, 3:1)
  • Dual Wall Heat Shrinkable Tubes. (Adhesive Coated)
  • Yellow / Green Heat Shrinkable Tubes.
  • Low Voltage Bus Bar Insulation Tubing.
  • High Voltage Bus Bar Insulation Tubing.
  • Cable End Cap and Skirt & shed.
  • Cable Breakout for Medium Voltage.
  • Angel & Boots.
  • Conductive Cable breakout.
  • Dual Wall Heat Shrinkable Tubes for Fuel, Brake Pipe system.


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